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“Les Lutteurs”, 134/120 cm. “Les Lutteurs” is a carpet, which was produced after a painting of Rij Rousseau in the carpet manufacture of Aubusson.

Exposition in Paris 1924. Galerie T.Carmine. 51 Rue de Seine. Berthe Dangennes: Rij Rousseau

This carpet was to be seen on the exhibition in the castle of Blois 1959 and was sold in 1989 in Rouen.


“Les Lutteurs” is one of the best-known paintings of Rij Rousseau and was shown in January 1927 on the exhibition in Brussels.

                    “Dernieres Nouvelles”, Bruxelles, Vendredi 28 Janvier 1927, p.1

“Les Athletes” une oeuvre d’art moderne d’inspiration sportive, en ce moment exposee a Bruxelles. L’auteur est un peintre francais, Mme Rij-Rousseau. Il faut remarquer la curieuse alliance de construction et de soupiesse en cette oeuvre.”

The painting shows Marcel Hiver and Geo-Charles at the wrestling match.                            Geo-Charles and Rij Rousseau have met in Montparnasse in the twenties.

Geo-Charles (1892 - 1963) was a poet, athletes and co-founder of the magazine “Montparnasse”, in which Marcel Hiver also published.

The painting arose on the terrace of Doctor Madeuf, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques,             14. arrondissement, in Paris (near the hospital Cochin).

A drawing of the “Lutteurs” from Rij Rousseau, appeared in the magazine “Montparnasse”, Nr.30, 1st of February, 1924.

Private collection

“Geo-Charles en cycliste” (Le vel d’Hiv), oil/canvas, 180/130 cm, signed lower right, “ Musee Geo-Charles” in Echirolles (Grenoble)

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