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The original easel of Rij Rousseau

Rij Rousseau also worked for the literature magazine  “Sic” in Paris.

Editor: Pierre Albert-Birot

Jeanne Rij Rousseau, “Vibrisme”. This drawing appeared in the literature magazine “Sic” 2.year, Nr.13, January 1917, p.99.  Source: C.Debray/F.Lucbert: La section d’or. Editions Cercle d’Art, Paris 2000, p.248

In 1925 Rij Rousseau founded the Union of French women painters of modern age.

“La Coupole”

Famous bar, cafe in Paris, Boulevard Montparnasse, founded in 1927. 30 pillars in the big hall were painted by famous artists, among them Chagall and Brancusi. One pillar was painted by Rij Rousseau and still exists today.

In the 30s La Coupole was the favourite bar of writers like Faulkner, Giacometti, Sartre and Becket. Renovated in 1988 La Coupole is an attraction in Paris again.

An old photo from Rij Rousseau. It shows the four sides of the pillar in “La Coupole”,  painted by her.

For the opening of “La Coupole” in 1927 there was an advertising brochure, where a part of this painting was reproduced on the title page in color.

“La coupole”

102, boulevard du Montparnasse

Paris 2004

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