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                                                        Rij Rousseau

Born in 1870 as Jeanne Caffier in Cande (Anjou). Important French cubist painter and philosopher.

Rij Rousseau arrived in Paris 1890. She became involved with a circle of artists which included Signac, Serusier, Vuillard and Denis.

Her approach to painting was based on her development of a complete scheme for each work, based on scientific principles of color, light, and geometry, even before starting. She was interested in the visual phenomenon of “color wave vibrations” which would be the counterpart to sound waves in music. She called this “vibrisme”.

This concept would be very important to the work of the Futurists, especially Le Fresnay, Delaunay , and Jacques Villon.

She continued to experiment with practical applications of this theory in the first decade of the twentieth century, through Cubism; and greatly influenced the thought of her friends,

Juan Gris, Georges Braque, and Fernand Leger .

She exhibited regularly from 1910 through the late 1930s.

Rij Rousseau died in 1956 in Savigny sur Braye, France.



Paintings of Rij Rousseau in museums




We found a lot of documents about Rij Rousseau. Some documents are in French, other in German. At the moment we don’t have the time for translation. Please, have some patience.  Here you can find these documents in their original language:


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